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Postby dhgomm » Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:41 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have been using Anim8or for years, it is free, extremely versatile, while still being fairly simple to use ( the choices of how to do things and what you can do are simply staggering ), but best of all the default grid is exactly scaled to use with VS - 10 unit grid = 10 feet or 3 metres, and the texturing possabillities a virtually unlimited. :D

Below is a quote of an article I wrote on scaling textures in anim8or in the old VS Forum ( you can still read all of the posts there at ). 8-)

Hi Everyone,
Following a recent query from a fellow Virtual Sailor on this subject, I contacted the author of Anim8or, for instructions.

Here is what he gave me :

The middle mouse button scales textures. Remember if you don't have a middle mouse button you can hold the Alt key down together with the right mouse button instead.
With the UV tool enabled, hold down the Alt key and then click-drag with the right mouse button, this will change the scale of the texture.
If you click inside the big UV circle you can scale the X and Y coordinates separately.
If you click outside of it they scale together so your image won't get squished.
If you click-drag in one of the 4 squares on the circle you can scale in just the X or Y axis depending on which square you choose.

I have tried these instructions out, and the difference in scale of textures that can be achieved is near infinite.

I have used Anim8or to make all of my models for Virtual Sailor, knowing how to scale the textures properly will make it even easier to use.

If you need a great FREE 3D modeling program ( imports and exports .3ds files ), now the texture scaling problem is solved, this is the 1 ( it also does animation ).

There are also many tutorial links from the Anim8or website .

Best wishes, David Gomm.
Best wishes, David Gomm.

All my downloads are available from my Website

Making original addons for VS since 8/11/2004 - for VSF since 6/6/2010 - using Anim8or, still use Anim8or !
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Re: Anim8or

Postby pusser » Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:56 pm

I use this too
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