Skandi Acergy

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Skandi Acergy

Postby kityatyi » Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:35 pm

Hello everyone!

I asked a good friend to model a specific vessel for me, and he did it in Sketchup, but he's not a gamer and all the conversion and the rest would be up to me, but I could not make it work. From Sketchup I converted the file to .3ds format to open with Deep Exploration, butonce I opened the file, many textures were missing. It happens all the time, I tried at least ten times... Deep Exploration is an essential station because it does the smoothing very nicely therefore I don't want to leave it out of the conversion process. Yet I tried another way, converting from Sketchup with the plugin 3DRad convereter to get an .x file immediately. But when I want to open this .x file with Deep Exploration for smoothing, the program crashes every time... If there's anyone who can help me converting the model from .skp to an .x file (and if possible, smoothen the shape) and make it work in Vehicle Simulator, please let me know. Thanks a lot! Zsolt

Re: Skandi Acergy

Postby Axeonalias » Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:50 pm

Hi Kityatyi,

The Skandi Acergy you say? hmmm I would love to have a look at the model,he must have done it without a plan as Ive been in Comunications with STX OSV and there is no way you can get the plans from them for theire vessels,Pm me and ill export it for you.
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