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Postby Victor » Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:58 am

Thanks guys. Axe, all my ships use an abundance of textures. I'm yet to discover the best method of using a single image map for a complete mesh. I've tired the UVW Unwrap method; however, I don't think that My PC likes it very much as it keeps crashing, even with a low poly model like this one. Any pointers ? What Graphics program do you use and what method ?

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Re: Texturing

Postby grumplstink » Sun May 08, 2011 2:47 am

:D I use various flavours of Blender and Gimp (both free and regularly updated).... unwrap various parts, using "project from view" and scale them, if possible, on a single texture sheet, that contains all the various colours/detail required for the model. You can use very small bits of colour for textures (but preferably for low detail items, they get too grainy). High detail parts need a bigger bit of your "Texture Map"...shiny bits and dull bits are made using a diff. material...but the same Texture Map....you'll be surprised what can be squeezed out of a single map. The original idea, for "mini textures", I learnt from Paul Hobbs...Micro Textures, used in his Trainz Tutorials, http://www.44090digitalmodels.co.uk/ have fun, regards. :D
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