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This sections is intended for the ever growing number of 3D Modellings applications that can or cannot be used for developing addons for VS.

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Postby zilverenmist » Thu May 26, 2011 10:01 am


You might want to look into this software:
a licence is $50 but you can use it as a free version, but than you need to use the default code, the prayer "our father".
It has no problems with 3ds, I did not yet try to open a dea file.
The program is not easy, but for the purpose of making a door with its own pivot axe and animations in general it is a very usefull tool.
It can also export animated .x files.
The other thing you can do ( I use it next to fragmotion)is use the free g max.
It can import 3ds and even make doors work all right. with the right flightsim addon for 3d rad you are able to create x and animated .x
g max can be found here, only restriction, you need to create an account at Turbosquid to get a serial number. The program is based on autodesk 3ds max ver3/4.
The files and howto make x files with g max can be found here:
To get the plugin working it need some attention, you need to change some file names.
Fragmotion is Vista and 7 proof, g max should NOT be installed to system files on Vista and 7 versions! Or it will not write the x file!
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