MV Manila Express Released

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MV Manila Express Released

Postby Trent001 » Fri Sep 26, 2014 11:46 pm

Hi All.

I'm Trent. I'm a long time "lurker" but this is my 1st Upload. This is a vessel I named: Manila Express, purely because Hapag-Lloyd have a ship that is similar. This model originally came from 3D warehouse (created by a modeller called: mattia). Having tried & failed to contact him/her & reading thru the guidelines at the site, it appears OK to modify the models available from 3D warehouse & release them, as long as no commercial profit is gained.

I've simply "dumbed" down the model by removing some more complex items, this has enabled the fps to stay at a reasonable level. I repainted it, added lights & smoke & that's about it! If I've done something "unethical" or illegal, please let me know. I'm still learning in Sketchup, so any tips/advice is welcome. I've found quite a few beautiful models on 3D warehouse, hopefully I'll "convert" some more and put them in the library for you.


Anyway, you'll find this in the Library, so please enjoy & comment! ;)

-Update: Animated prop, rudder & radars.
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