NEW UPDATE: Virtual Sailor 7.5!

Whenever a new version of VS is released there will be the need for bug reporting etc. This is where you would do that, nothing else!

NEW UPDATE: Virtual Sailor 7.5!

Postby Andrew » Mon Aug 15, 2016 1:21 am

Well, after some long time now, 10 years since its release as Virtual Sailor 7.0.0, the sailing simulator has recently received a major upgrading and updating that has become known to us as Virtual Sailor 7.5. Released a couple of months ago, I recently discovered it (which shows my lack of activity on the forum) and spent quite a bit of time tweaking the game and moving files over, as I have collected quite a bit of unused files from where I had collected various vessels over the years and lost quite a bit as well so it was a good time to cute down on filing.

The simulator functions in the very same manner as it did previously only requiring users who currently have Virtual Sailor 7.X.X to download the update.exe from the Virtual Sailor website and install over the existing game.

Besides the obvious bugs in the previous version, some of the biggest updates to the game are more realistic water, in terms of look and behavior, weather rendering, joystick capabilities by using the "J" key, and other very cool amenities. I assume it is using a newer engine as FPS does drop considerably depending on the system you are using (on my 5 year old system, FPS went from over the 100s down to the 20s however still provide a great frame rate for use in game. I figure I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Re: NEW UPDATE: Virtual Sailor 7.5!

Postby Trinicrafter10 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:45 pm

Holy smokes! Those graphics though!
I am astonished, I have been waiting for a while, I suppose it was worth the wait :D
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