Submitted Wish List Part 2

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Submitted Wish List Part 2

Postby Victor » Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:18 pm

This list was sent to Ilan today. I'll edit to indicate his response as in the previous list.

Bilge Pumps-
Have workable bilge pumps aboard vessels in the game, like in real life. If the boat takes on water, being able to do something about it (like in real life) would be a great feature in Virtual Sailor

Better Collision Detection
Collision detection of boats and any other objects (including other boats) is done on a simple box the maximum length/width/height of the model, and doesn't take into account the shape of it.

Auto Pilot Course Setting
Implement a manual override on A/P for small changes in course. Also limit max rudder to (say) 10° - 15° on A/P.

A Real ramp / doors for cars
Dampened opening of ramp doors. i.e. when the hit the docking button the doors don't fly into the open position.

Approaching weather
Be able to see a storm approaching or any kind of changing weather.

Fenders / Rubber Tyres
Include functional fenders / rubber tyres in docks and quays. Fenders can be added as sails in boats (visual effect).

Point Source Sound
Ability to place a sound (in both scenery, and boats), which exists in the soundscape (i.e. gets fainter with distance, hear on the left if the position is to the left etc).
A possible way to implement, would be perhaps a sound.ini for boats, and just the ability to do the following in a object.ini:
sound.wav x y z volume decay
decay would be how fast it fades out with distance (like a half life..)

Animals centred around a place, not a boat.
Ability to place an animal at any point in the scenery rather than follow the boat.

Better maps/ gps
The original request was to have charts automatically generated in the map view with all navaids and sector lights as per the objects.txt and the blink files, using Internationally recognised symbols etc. We are aware of the detailed map function (maps.txt) but the details become distorted (blurred) on zooming.

Prop walk /paddlewheel effect
It would be nice for single screw boats (and possibly multi props which spin in the same direction) to have a paddle wheel effect (both forwards, and reverse - settable amounts for both directions, though I suspect in reality the amount is nearly the same).
On smaller boats with a fixed screw the effect can be put to good use in reverse to help pull the back end in, however if you are mooring the wrong way round it can also make it harder! Normally the effect is only noticeable in reverse, as in forwards you automatically put some rudder on to accommodate for it.

Add telephony and telegraphy functions to the chat function for online sessions. (This bit is being submitted)

Put a load on a boat so that when trawling or other operations such as towing, pushing etc you don’t go very fast but you have to use a high rpm to be able to conduct the operation.

Correct cfg length

Have the ability to show and use TWO lengths in the config: Waterline length, which in fact is what SHOULD be used for correct VS performance, and seldom IS...and Length Overall, which is how most people think of vessel size. VS should use the Waterline length for all inertia calculations, and use Overall length for indexing...but it would be nice to display both in the Boats tab. While it may not make much difference on a large motor vessel, it makes a HUGE difference on an old sailing ship, for ex...where rigging (bowsprit) and overhanging stem and counter can come close to Doubling the waterline length.
Use LOA for radar display and collision avoidance.

Mouse axis reversal
Include an option to reverse the mouse axis when panning. There are some preference for the move the mouse to the right and some have got used to the idea of moving the mouse to the right in order to view to the left.

Autopilot Course Hold
Many autopilot systems (all?) have a course hold facility, not just a course to next waypoint heading. These aids with cross currents, and should allow the autopilot to cope with tides, which it doesn't really do at the moment.

Autosave Function
A facility to automatically save the current session at regular intervals, in order that a "cruise" could be reloaded after a program or system crash. The session to be given (by the user) a specific file name rather than LAST CRUISE. it would be nice if this auto save facility could also save the settings i.e. graphics, sound video etc

Incorporate an embedded 'Flag' app (similar to apps for sails, radar, props, etc) in the basic program, which would align any 'flag.x' in a boat folder to the apparent wind direction, and ANIMATE via a pilot app any 'flag.x' in the boat folder to flutter, with flutter speed proportional to apparent wind speed. Presently, you can make a flag a sail, or animate it as a pilot...but as a pilot, flutter speed and direction are constant (independent of wind speed/direction.
Also consider the possibility of being able to raise and lower flags (this could also apply to Special Ops shapes).

Towing Operations:
The towing functionality implemented in VS7 is very lacking in realistic performance. The towrope's position on the towing vessel as well as the towed vessel is to say the least haphazard and there is no flexibility in the rope. Towing in the alongside method is impossible as , again, it is not possible to tie-up in a manner to enable towing in this fashion without mentioning that it is not possible to get the towing vessel close enough to buckle up. Therefore the following are proposed:

It would be really good if we could use tugs to push ships into their berths or to turn them around like in real life without either sinking both vessels or hearing that awful collision noise. Also if the length of the towrope was adjustable for say, pulling other vessels away from their berth or for towing smaller craft. Being able to do this would also add a tad of realism to say, online sessions as well.
I would like to add the concept of along-side towing. In essence, pulling your tug alongside another boat or barge of similar size and towing it like that. It would make the tow infinitely easier to control, and would be perfectly realistic. In a similar vein, it would be nice to have a more realistic way of towing large ships such as liners, rather than having all tugs crowded around the bow or stern.

If the towing alongside feature could be implemented, it would open up other possibilities for example berthing alongside another ship or you could manoeuvre your pilot boat alongside another ship. In order for the above to work in a more realistic manner, the position of the ropes will play a large role and the ability of being able to place those ropes become even more crucial. The tie-up interface (see submitted wish list) when implemented will make this possible.

Side Scan Sonar
Add a Side Scan Sonar (not to replace the Echo Sounder). This will improve finding wrecks etc, as it would show an image rather than just a line.

Azipod Propulsion system
The azipods are there but the functionality could use some improvement.

Ship positions move when moving scenery
There seems to be position conversion problems when going between scenery, for example a ship was anchored right next to this buoy, I then moved to another local scenery (which was also made by myself using the same methods, but I guess it doesn't really matter), I could still see the ship (but again this doesn't matter), and then moved back to the original scenery. The result: It’s moved quite a few yards from it's original location. With bigger scenery differences the movement can be so large as to leave ships beached on dry land!

This phenomenon also occurs when running a cruise with waypoints and boats in adjacent sceneries. Your boats are displaced significantly when you cross scenery boundaries. Problem, I believe, derives from the scenery coordinates in the def file, and distortion inherent in Mercator projections over large areas.

Proper World time
If it's a particular time where you are, and then move half way around the world, it's the same time.
i.e. Midnight in the UK, move to the USA, and it's also Midnight there!
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