Free Sketchup Model

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Free Sketchup Model

Postby mikejensen » Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:59 pm


Right Click -> Save AS

Addon (Old map with object for Ferry): ...

Right Click -> Save AS

+ Free to use
+ Made by MJ Shipyard
+ Detailed
+ Nice to learn and see how you can use Sketchup

- Not finish (dead project)
- Made over a night (7-8 hour) soo it can be much bugs
- Too much details, can slow down your computer if you have a old one


Like i say, its made over a night when i got boored. It not soo good, but i hope some one can learn something. I will share this because i have other projects too finish and want too share something.
I hope some one getting fun out of it!  ::)

Hope i can see some nice results of finish try or something! You can use for VS if you want :P

I will be grateful to comments and thanks :!:

BTW: The rescue boat is from 3D House... Delet it and make a new one if you gona publish it for Game.

Have fun

Greetz MJ Shipyard


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