Texture Problem

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Texture Problem

Postby Andrew » Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:42 am

As you know I recently released the Queen Anne into VS. I am working on a VSF model with friends however i am having trouble working with some of the see through railing textures. They show up on other's PC's but they will not on mine. Can someone better help explain what I am not getting right? What needs to be activated/deactivated in my VSF settings to make the ship show up correctly.

Also, if anyone can give me a hand with the .CFG file for her in VSF, that would be great too. Because the liner does not behave properly (what i mean by that is a 46,000 ton ocean liner is behaving like a toy boat in a bath tub, pitching and rolling, not in the way you would expect a liner to behave.)
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