propsx and could use some pointers for first ships

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Re: propsx and could use some pointers for first ships

Postby jonathan62 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:44 am

Sorry for not continuing straight on to getting boats and barges up. I do plan on it.
I got sidetracked by work, and then I spent the last week burning oil to bring my F24 single engine work skiff to a production line, and I'm hoping to make my first sale shortly. We've been building a version of this boat on the waterfront for over fifteen years, it's a brutal boat for a brutal service, even though she's a center console outboard boat, she's an 8000lb outboard boat for extremely rough service. Self bailing, very stable, can take as much power as your wallet and kidney's can stand. Will be covered in tires.
I'll offer this boat for VSF once the production line is up.
I start the conversion of the 9.5 twin engine in a week or so.
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