Mein Schiff 3

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Mein Schiff 3

Postby shiplover » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:42 am

Hello forum,

It has been a long time since I posted! Prior to this post, I was so immature. Some people may remember that because of my completely original username. Definitely a personality not to be proud of. I am now completely different from what I was a few years ago. :)

Anyways, I have started an original project after taking a hiatus from Sketchup and Virtual Sailor. It is the Mein Schiff 3, a German cruise ship for TUI Cruises. I actually started this in October, but I have not completed it as I have been working on and off. Here are two pictures of the main model and the lights model (zoom out if you have to):



I estimate for a late February/early March release! At the moment, I have released an old beta of Mein Schiff 3 which does not include as many changes seen in the screenshots above, but it still looks like majority of what is above.

Download for the old beta: ...

I hope to participate in this community frequently again! :D

- Masa.
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