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TUGS and Theodore Tugboat

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:52 am
by BNSF1995
First post!

Anyway, for years, I have had a keen interest in the 80s television series TUGS.

It only ran for 13 episodes, but those 13 episodes are masterpieces. The series was set in the Roaring 20s in a place called Bigg City Port (based on San Francisco and New York), described as the "Biggest Harbor in the World", and follows a pair of rival tugboat fleets: the Star Fleet (based on San Francisco's 1920s tugboat fleet) and the Z-Stacks (based on the Moran Fleet of New York City in the 1920s). The Star Tugs are considered the heroes, always doing the right thing, while the Z-Stacks are dirty gangsters, resorting to underhanded and dubiously-legal methods to steal work from the Stars. The series was rather mature, featuring such topics as smuggling, piracy, and corruption, as well as a large amount of explosions (one of the series' creators, David Mitton, worked on the original Thunderbirds, so it should come as no surprise). A second season was planned, and 80 episode scripts had been written, but TVS went bankrupt, forcing the series' cancellation. There do exist, however, a few other stories behind the series' cancellation: one says that the production company, Clearwater Features, went bankrupt (it actually closed in 1990, after TUGS was cancelled), and another story says that Britt Allcroft, the creator of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (which David Mitton directed from 1984-2003) demanded the series' cancellation because it was too similar to Thomas (also not true; after Clearwater went defunct, she bought the TUGS models, and used several of them in the series starting in season 3, with a few hanging around until the switch to CGI in 2009 and even beyond that, making it to CGI). There are many, many fan episodes, most of which can be found on Sodor Island Forums (SIF themselves have even made a few of their own audio episodes).

I have been searching for a way to live in such a world. This game seems to be that mean to such an end.

What I'd really like to see is these:

First, a Bigg City Port scenery faithfully recreating the setting of the series, including the main port, the estuary, the river, and the lake.

Second, the vessels. Any and all information regarding these characters and locations can be found here:

More specifically, I'd like to see these characters with features such as moving eyes and heads. I hope this is possible. I also hope it is possible to use different faces for each character with a face.

The other item on my wishlist is Theodore Tugboat, a series created by one of the co-creators of TUGS. In many respects, Theodore Tugboat is alot like TUGS, but at the same time, alot different. For one thing, Theodore Tugboat is really sugarcoated, teaching moral lessons and social skills, while also teaching kids about nautical terms and practices. There's also only one tugboat fleet: the Great Ocean Tug and Salvage Company.

Unlike TUGS, Theodore Tugboat ran for five seasons from 1993 to 2001.

The series is set in the Big Harbor (based heavily on Halifax, Nova Scotia), though compared to Bigg City Port, it's actually rather small.

The scenery shouldn't be too hard to make. The only custom models that would be needed are The Dispatcher, Benjamin Bridge, Lilly, Lunenberg, Clayton, Shediac, Chimey, and the Harbor Master's Office.

Vessels shouldn't be too hard to make, either. Unlike TUGS, none of the tugboats could move their heads, only their eyes. All information, like the TUGS wish, can be found here:

This is my first post, and I'm not quite sure how the wishlist section works. But, everything I outlined above is a big wish of mine. I've been able to live in the world of Thomas & Friends thanks to Trainz Simulator and Sodor Island 3D, so being able to live out my TUGS or Theodore Tugboat fantasies didn't seem like such a stretch to me, especially with this simulator.