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Atlantis Film Submarines

PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:14 am
by USSMacon
Hello, I was looking at 3d warehouse and I found three vehicles from the Disney film “Atlantis the Lost Empire” that would be great additions to VSF. They are called, Ulysses submarine, Evac Sub, and Sub Pod. While they are all fictional and somewhat extreme as submarines go I do think they have the potential to add to the diversity of submarines or lack thereof in VSF. Is anyone interested in making these for VSF? I have also found other vehicles from the same film on 3d warehouse, but personally I find the submarines to be the most interesting of them all because they are so iconic and unique. If anybody wants the links to these models that I have found they are right here Ulysses Submarine: ... -Submarine, ... /Submarine. Evac Sub: ... /Aqua-Evac. Sub Pod: ... e9/Sub-Pod.