Version 2.3.5 is here - introducing some features

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Re: Version 2.3.5 is here - introducing some features

Postby Sailorjohn » Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:18 pm

One small issue I noted after 2.3.5; don't know if it still exists in 2.3.6. I created about 50 cargo points on a large ship. When I started loading cargo, I found only the first 23 had been saved; I could add no more. Can we assume 23 cargo points is the absolute limit? If so, a lot of wasted effort could be eliminated if a warning such as "Maximum point limit" appeared when trying to set additional points beyond 23. There was no visual indication that they were not being saved, since the cargo points window required click and drag of the slider...which interrupted the positioning of points. Another suggestion would be to keep viewpoint at last cargo point when adding positions, rather than reverting to F2 upon each point save.
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Re: Version 2.3.5 is here - introducing some features

Postby Dom » Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:51 pm

An important graphic bug notified by one of my addons users yesterday. It is found in 2.3.6 and perhaps in 2.3.5 and that was not in 2.2.5:
At night, the transparent textures with pure black color (0.0.0. as rgb values and with a "_" into their name) make transparent or invisible nearly everything of the model behind them (self illuminated parts included), when vehicle shaders are on.

Look through all the railings or windows or portholes for instance:
Nothing appears behind them.

When vehicle shaders are off, the behaviour of these textures now becomes normal:

The problem occurs at night only. I've briefly reinstalled 2.2.5 this morning and the problem was not there, so it happened with either 2.3.5, either 2.3.6. I hope Ilan will correct that bug shortly. Thanks.


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VSF missions

Postby hujh2012 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:01 pm

Would like to see in VSF a mission function whereby you can select a mission, complete it and move up the ranks (so to speak).
Now, forgive me for talking maritime, I'm an old sailor, I guess the same would apply for those who use the sim for flying, driving, trains, or even better, combinations of all three....
Sailing, mission 1, 3 complexities:
1) rules of "the road", deep water, collision avoidance between your vessel and any kind of other surface vessel (sail/fish/motor/dead in water/anchored)
2) same when in a "traffic scheme" like Dover Strait
3) same when your boat is restricted by draft in scenario (can't change course) or in a situation like being overtaken.
4) etc.
Other missions could involve SAR (search and rescue), helicopter traffic might enhance the experience, search pattern.
Deep draft port entry, pilot boards (heli or boat) at pilot station, you take the boat to its mooring, could involve tug assistance.

Many more situations come to mind, this is just to get a flavor. The whole thing could be script driven (like when "here", "this" happens, "this" being traffic on waypoints, flying objects, tugs, anything which can be driven in VSF.

My take is that there are enough sceneries and vehicels available to accomplish the above and when not? What is stopping the community here to collaborate on an "English Channel" scenery, Ushant to Hook of Holland, would be like a walk in the park with all the knowledge here......
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Re: Version 2.3.5 is here - introducing some features

Postby Sailorjohn » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:16 pm

I suggest you send this directly to Ilan; these suggestions have been made before, so perhaps this would 'bump' the missions concept.
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