Robo Bug Report

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Robo Bug Report

Postby flyingndiving » Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:50 am

Here's a bug report that I sent to Ilan (less the salutations):

I believe I found a bug using robo objects. I was thinking of using robots for vehicle autogen traffic. However, when I use the on_ground command, the object, upon moving 100m or so away, starts to rise in the air like it's going up steps. When I move closer to the climbing object, it immediately comes back to ground level. If I let it move away, it repeats the process.

Another bug, a bit more minor, is when I set a direction for the robo object to go (to follow a road, for example, using the same angle that the road section is pointing), it doesn't quite adhere to the same radian, but goes off course slightly. (I'm not sure of this later item is a bug or something else I did wrong).
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