Nautical Features

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Nautical Features

Postby Victor » Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:55 am

Which are the most important nautical features users wish to see
in VSF ?

1. Multiple engine control.

2. Improved vessel towing, as in VS. Tow should be initiated by towing vessel, allowing user to manoeuvre to pass towline. Also allow tug pushing, and pulling from the bow.

3. Custom textures for anchor, mooring, and towlines...both in graphics folder, and vehicle folders.

4. Custom sound files for thunder, linked to specific lightning graphics.

5. Individual sail controls, allowing each sail to be reefed/furled independently.

6. Proportional weapon damage. Suggest using a sliding ratio of shot mass to vehicle mass, or some similar means to provide realistic damage. Perhaps one bomb/torpedo/missile, five cannon hits, 50 machinegun hits to sink a missile or 10 machinegun hits to destroy a bomb/missile/cannon
hit, or 25 machinegun hits to destroy a tank, etc. Proportionally reduce vehicle power as hits accumulate, thereby reducing speed and manoeuvrability. Also
eliminate the 'hit circle' making a not-so-near miss destroy the target; make user actually have to hit the target!

7. Attach fire/smoke hit damage to vehicle instead of fixed to land/ it moves with vehicle.

8. LOD function disabling vehicle digital functions (map/radar/echo sounder/GPS) and providing low-poly rendering when beyond user-specified distance.

9. Automatic low-poly rendering of all scenery objects and disabling moving vegetation arrays when beyond user-specified distance.

10. Allow vessel-to-vessel mooring (rafting alongside).

11. Allow increased user-specified smoke percentage at idle.

12. Allow water, spray, rain, hail, snow to show onboard vessels in F1 mode.

13. Scale factor in animal and pilot cfg.

14. Waypoint unlinking, permitting vehicle-specific waypoints as in VS.

15. Improved interaction dynamics between vehicle and scenery objects like docks, wharves, etc.

16. Automatic drop in wave height/swell length when in sheltered bays, harbours, etc.

17. Proportional wind shadow effects for sail...suggested wind shadow would extend downwind 10 times vertical height of shadowing object/vessel, with max effect closest to shadow object diminishing linearly to zero at range of 10X shadow object height.

18. Variable precipitation density in wx...drizzle to deluge, flurries to blizzard, etc.

19. Enhanced lighthouse beam graphics.

20. Show navigational aids (buoys, lights, beacons) on marine radar.
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