Forum Guidelines

If you have ideas for new features in VSF you can post them in here. Please be aware of forum specific guidelines.
Forum rules
Forum rules
- ALLWAYS check here HERE before submitting a new wish (to avoid duplicates)
- Do not post any wishes for vehicles or Scenery in this category!
- Be brief and to the point with the requests .
- Create a new post for each feature and give them appropriate titles.
Please make yourself familiar with these points.

Forum Guidelines

Postby Victor » Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:07 pm

Following the deluge of multiple items/user on the wishlist, we have decided to reintroduce the guidelines initially created for VS, with immediate effect.They are at the top of the page.
Please do not include comparisons with other products as most users will not have a clue of what you mean.
One feature per topic, please. You may make as many as you please, there are no limits.Ilan will only look at "filtered" items.
Please make comments constructive -give reasons for agreeing/Disagreeing. Posts with no qualification e.g I agree or Good idea will be removed

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