AIS inside VSF

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AIS inside VSF

Postby nissenudel » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:31 am

For many years I have been devoted to AIS monitoring and run a receiving station in the Copenhagen area, feeding the NMEA data to the big AIS networks in Scandinavia, like the Shipraiser, Shipplotter, Marinetraffic and VT Explorer. The NMEA data are often presented on a google och open street map, but olso on real digital navigation charts. Now, when playing vith the world scenery in VFS, I have thougt about the possibility to feed NMEA also in to the VFS. Has anyone have the same thought? Is it possible?

Even a simple solution with just the long and lat coordinates from the NMEA protokoll, putting a ship symbol in the VSF would be great. Suddenly a lot of traffic to navigate in.

Best Regards Nisse
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