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My saying here

Postby pilot76 » Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:16 pm

Hello all.

Things that could be improved in VSF. I know that some things might be already here in other posts but here it goes anyway. If for some reason anything has been fixed already please let me know.

Note: I only sail here. No flying nor driving...

Include a "set waypoint for all vehicles". I followed Ian's post regarding this but after I add or change another vehicle I cannot edit a single waypoint for all vehicles. Just the one I have created last. Another feature to edit waypoints as a whole group or just from a particular vehicle have a "Show all waypoints" option in the map display therefore I can actually place a waypoint near another vehicle's waypoint.

Managing the main sail and jib:
When sailing against the wind I noticed that the sails for some reason come to zero degrees. (sorry, don't know the exact sailing terms still a noob) I think that the sails are properly tied up and that would never happen in real life.

Increase the number of AI vehicles. (can't add more than 21 or 23)

Have a script like "Follow vehicle X"

Does the Autopilot in Auto-Sailing mode manage the main sails and jib's? It doesn't seem to hoist the sails at all. If I leave at 100% it will be 100% forever...(sailing through storms etc would sink my boat)

Speaking of sails, I don't like having the Jib's up at max when putting down the spinnaker. Let me handle the jib's myself. No auto-jib at 100% after spinnaker OFF please...

Ok that's it for now thanks...
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