Detachable sub windows (undock)

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Detachable sub windows (undock)

Postby Eltor » Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:02 pm

VSF can be used with different screen resolutions and also with two monitors. An 'undock' feature as FS9 and FSX does have it would be a great addition. This 'undock' has nothing to do with the VSF marine dock/undock. This 'undock' means that it is possible to move internal VSF windows as map, radar echo and so on outside of the outer boundary of the main VSF window. When you switch views then no map or radar is obscuring your view but you have them still in sight. An additional bonus is that not only two monitors can be used as the perspective distortion will not disturb if one can freely divide the screen estate.

As not everyone knows FS9 and FSX here a screenshot across my 3 monitors. In the middle is the main monitor and the main FS9 window. Normally this window is the absolute outer border as in VSF if you want to move a window. If you tick 'undock' in the context menu then this window becomes an independent FS9 window that can be moved elsewhere on the screen(s).
The screenshot was taken short after takeoff in Rio. At the lower half of the left monitor is Google Earth running as moving map. All other windows are undocked FS9 windows.
By the way, I don't do flying in VSF. The picture above is only one reason for. I have uncounted FS9 flying hours since 2005 and 186 hours as a pilot for Westwind (virtual) Airlines.
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