firecontrol system for VSF and multiple guns per turrets

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firecontrol system for VSF and multiple guns per turrets

Postby promethius0harbinger » Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:04 pm

frankly, those are two features on oldstyle warships that the game is lacking. Being somebody who designs warships myself as a hobby, I found VSF to be invaluable to me in testing my designs. I do believe I would like to see a feature in designing weapon systems in the game where it gives you the option of having multiple guns in each turrets-the maximum allowed being four guns per turret. also, there I personally feel the need for a way for the game to give the player a way to command multiple weapon stations simultaneously as one would be able to do on all warships. A third feature is an actual firing rate added to cannons without the game turning the into machine guns. I do hope these features I'm suggesting in this post are soon added into the game in a future update.
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