Wire guided missiles

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Wire guided missiles

Postby Yours Truly » Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:30 am

I'm editing a missile for the BTR-4 addon to make it as realistic as I can, and the missile in question is the 9M113 Konkurs. The launch and flight dynamics are about spot on, but AFAIK I can't find a way to make it wire-guided (aim where you want it to go instead of lock a target indirectly), as it is IRL. Something like the TOW missile. Here's footage of the current config here:


and here is the weapon.cfg code:
Code: Select all
1   [weapon_guided]
14.6   [mass]
0.014   [cross_section]
0.7   [cd0]
400.0   [thrust]
15.0   [burn_time]
30.0   [time_max]
50.0   [launch_vel]
0.1   [reflect]
0.1   [bump]
0.66     [scale]

// I set a high drag coefficient so it doesn't surpass the real Konkurs' max speed of approximately 200 m/s.

When I was referencing Hangsim's weapons config tutorials, I didn't see a mention of wire-guiding anywhere, so I suppose it's not implemented. I'd like for you guys to implement this so missiles like the TOW and Konkurs can be more realistic, and, subjectively, more fun. :mrgreen:
Yours Truly
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