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weapon fault roundup for VSF

PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:01 pm
by promethius0harbinger
There are a number of issues that have not been dealt with. firstly, there Currently is no option for adding multiple guns per turret in either VSF or VS.

While this is acceptable while implementing some modern weapons systems in both games, older warships had multiple guns in turrets such as double turrets, triple turrets, and even quadruple turrets. And thus the current setup of weapons in the game makes modeling warships from the late 19th century, turn of the last century, WWI, and WWII unrealistic. Another issue is the fact that no option exists for automatic elevation of gun systems in turrets. One has to make do with elevating the weapons themselves. Naval artillery is not level firing, and thus elevation is required. I have had the experience of this testing theoretical weapon systems for ships and not know the proper elevation for the shell to meet its intended mark. There has to be a solution to these issues. another issue I foresee is that there need to be a way to have the option of chain firing for all weapons on one's ship--including for multi-gun turrets.

the cfg options i suggest is as follows:

[guns per turret]

[can chain fire]

[automatic calibration]


also, most warships from the mid 19th century were armored. There should be option for applying armor to both ground vehicles and ships alike in mm:

[main belt thickness]

[main belt length]

[main belt height]

[armored deck thickness]

[number of decks]

[Deck length]

[belt extended thickness]

[deck extended thickness]

as for turrets, the below should be applied in the weapon cfg file. for both ground vehicles and ships:

[turret glacis plate thickness]

[turret sides thickness]

[turret roof thickness]

[turret back thickness]

for ground vehicles. It should be as seen below:

[glacis plate thickness]

[sides thickness]

[rear plate thickness]

[front break thickness]

[bottom thickness]

[top thickness]

I do think the above should do nicely. If anyone have suggestions to add, please fell free to comment.