Making an h plane

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Making an h plane

Postby matto_mati » Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:53 pm

Hi all, I made a new plane form the components provided by Ilan and though you all might like to do so as well.

Step one: Click on design and choose vehicle (or press v and then choose design).

Step two: Name the plane as "h_plane" choose the vehicle type as airplane and choose the body type as airplane_body and press next.

Step three: Add the following components an position them:
airplane_wings X=0.0 Y=-0.37 Z=0.0
large_boom X=1.0 Y=-0.37 Z=0.0
large_boom X=-1.0 Y=-0.37 Z=0.0
elevator_wing X=0.0 Y=-0.41 Z=-4.65
rudder_wing X=-1.0 Y-0.4 Z=-5.0
rudder_wing X=1.0 Y-0.4 Z=-5.0
pusher_engine X=0.0 Y=-0.15 Z=-2.12

Step four: Click save vehicle and enjoy
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