Sinking without using the break button

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Sinking without using the break button

Postby MuLtIrAzOr138 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:41 pm


this is just a small instruction manual for those who want their ships to sink slow, but the bad side, they are not sinking themselves, just "sinking" artificially, because you will see the bow or stern is rising, the hull listing.

Here is the manual:

1.)While playing in-game, use any ship that has an elements.cfg file or if it doesn't have, go to the "Elements" Tab, then click save elements.

2.) Then, click dx and dy, any of them, then a notice:
"When sinking using [dz] go to the green direction to sink in the bow, then go to the red direction to sink in the stern."
"When sinking using the [dx] go to the green to list starboard, then go to the red to list to the port.

3.)(Optional) Try to go to the Adjust Tab, then press break, it will add a little effect.

PM Me for some problems with this.
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