Autogen library and upcoming Spain/Portugal scenery

Are you working on a scenery area for VSF, please post about it here.

Re: Autogen library and upcoming Spain/Portugal scenery

Postby Bromstarzan » Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:18 am

To this day I have not yet tried this amazing piece of work, but I'll download it now :)

EDIT: Tried it out now but still have a lot to explore in this fantastic scenery. 1000 thanx for creating and sharing this piece of art with us Javier! Makes it a pure joy to cruise around from harbour to harbour making up some custom missions or just roam. Brilliant! :shock:

The technique you've used just show how powerful the VSF core engine is, and it's really good news somebody make good use of it! I'd be interested to see more documentation on how you went about creating all this (is there some guidelines I missed on the forum?).

I, myself, work alot with large sceneries in FSX & other sims using real GIS data for instance, so it would be very interseting to see what I can do for VSF. Have tried some small projects (Svalbard, Strait of Magellan etc) but never came all the way in terms of populating the world.
With your project, VSF still delivers and continues to amaze me. Well done, we are many around here appreciating your hard work!

Keep it up!

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Re: Autogen library and upcoming Spain/Portugal scenery

Postby richyjimbo » Sun May 05, 2013 10:24 am

Will this project be carried on across the Mediteranean, eg, France, Italy etc? I'd really like to see ports such as Livorno, Monaco, Marseille, Civitavechia etc. And finally, thank you for making such a detailed, fun scenery!
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