Is there a Detailed Scenery of The Netherlands

Is there a specific scenery area you would really like to sail in? Please post yoru wishes here. Please be very specific as to increase your chances of making the project interesting.

Is there a Detailed Scenery of The Netherlands

Postby doesburg » Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:39 pm

Hi there,
I just recently discovered Vehicle Simulator and am enormously impressed by the programme. Now I am not an artist who can do sceneries or boat models. Many many years ago I was an avid sailor in The Netherlands, but now living in Kathmandu, Nepal, I haven't had the opportunity to sail any real boats for a long time. I am solely dependent upon the Virtual World. I tried a variety of simulators until I came upon Vehicle Simulator.
In my search for a realistic world in the virtual, I am surprised that with many dutch sailors out there, no detailed scenery of The Netherlands has been created. Same goes for some of the famous dutch ships (the traditional "platbodems" (flat bottoms) like the Tjalk or Skutje).
Therefore, is there anybody out there who share a similar dream and has already created such scenery or boat.
I would be most interested.
(from the lowest country to the highest peak - but still dreaming of the beautiful world of sailing)
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Re: Is there a Detailed Scenery of The Netherlands

Postby flyingndiving » Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:49 am

Welcome to the group, Bas!

Unfortunately, VSF doesn't have a very large user base, and an even smaller developer base, alhough it's features are so much more easier to use and are more expansive than found on other sims. So, we take the add-ons, both scenery and models, as they come and are appreciative to those who provide them.

In regards to scenery, I believe some of us are eagerly waiting on Javier's autogen sceneries and library to be published. This should aid to the development of cookie cutter and object heavy sceneries all around. I do wish that there was an easy method to apply all the google 3d scenic objects and terrain maps into the VSF world. It would leap VSF to the top of most people's sim wishlist. Perhaps one day...

Myself, I'm more of a flyer than a sailor. My primary use of VSF is for paragliding simulation, although I use all its other vehicle types just as much. Also, scenery creation is pretty easy (although time consuming if you want high quality). I've created several myself, along with some models, without knowing much of either before I started. Working full time, supporting a family, and my other life's passions limit me to my use of VSF, but its my favorite program for experimenting in a virtual sandbox. :D
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