Switchable collision detection & animation?

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Switchable collision detection & animation?

Postby Eltor » Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:47 am

It is no joy to use VSF when invisible reefs are under the ship (Tug Sakarya, made for VSF). The water is deep enough and under the ship is only water and no obstacles. Suddenly without any obvious reason the ship starts sinking. This happens also when I load a situation where the ship is savely moored to a quai. A for 10 years olds dramatical sink sequence starts :oops:
Please where I can switch collision detection off and perhaps also the animation off. That setting It is not in the Vehicles tab where I can adjust the towing feature but must be somewhere as it was mentioned in the forum search results for 'collision'
I've found it myself by opening inside the help folder index.htm. Then I selected 'printer friendly' and used the search function of the browser for 'collision'
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