DIY VSF Game Controller

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DIY VSF Game Controller

Postby Eltor » Sun Mar 16, 2014 12:15 pm

In principle VSF can be controlled by a keyboard. Additional a mouse and/or joystick are better. I tried a cheap game controller and encountered problems with the power settings as the game controller joystick does not act as a throttle. Game controller with a real throttle function are rare. I've found & ordered a used Saitek P1500 game controller but it has not arrived yet. There was a special controller 'Ship Driver' but this device is not cheap (if I can get one...) DoItYourself is probably the best solution for me as I can make my VSF controller 'cosy chair' compatible. I sit in my cosy chair in front of my small computer when I'm playing VSF. A plexi pane, small keyboard, game controller and a passive USB hub should do it. By the way, I don't fly with VSF. I use only the 'water' part of VSF
Is this forum the right place for some kind of a project log if I'll start my VSF cosy chair game controller project? And what controller are you using when you are on or under VSF water?

******** 24th of March Update: The new-old Saitek game controller works fine. I postponed my VSF controller project as I just ordered a new mainboard + AMD Athlon 5350 APU. That update will give my cosy chair computer a little more muscle and stays inside the thermal envelope for hot summer days as the old AMD E350 APU did. My VSF controller project will have to wait a little longer.
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