Simple Mesh makes Hudizzle's Titanic model invisible???

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Simple Mesh makes Hudizzle's Titanic model invisible???

Postby saken » Sat Jun 11, 2016 7:03 am

So, I basically has done everything to try to solve this. But with Simple Mesh turned on (which is necessary with Kyle's model, as it is for Virtual Sailor) it makes the boat.x invisible with either vehicle shaders OR shadows turned off, or both! This has NOT happened in the past... so I do wonder why this happens now?

It happens on both my computers, so it's not the graphics driver, and I installed the latest DirectX runtime.

Here's my Logfile.txt, in case somebody wants to see what Vehicle Simulator (2.6.3) has to say about it...

EDIT: Problem solved! Ilan told me it was in the x file itself. He opened it and saved it in Deep Exploration, and so the problem was solved that way.
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