I have discovered a VR Supplement

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I have discovered a VR Supplement

Postby DuckiestBoat959 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:49 am

Deep in the depths of Alex's Mad Science Lab...
"At last, after all my research I have finally found a way to see these ships from a first person perspective!"
Ladies and gentleman, I present you the Quanum headset series; Quanum DIY V2 headset to be exact.
Coming from the underworld of Drone headsets, these were originally meant for drone flying. But people have been using them for flight simulation, which gave me an idea. Since these headsets can be reverse engineered to work on computers, why not Vehicle Simulator?
Hear me out, this is mad science after all. (I.E. Research)
Modern VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift. We are aware they do not currently work on VSF, but we know they also demand massive amounts of RAM and most importantly DOLLARS; lots of them.
Drone Video Headsets are just as, if not more diverse than VR. While still mildly expensive they are exponentially cheaper, the 1-200 dollar range compared to the 500-to "are you serious?" range of VR, with one huge advantage being they work not only VSF but almost everything with a screen.
I will confess, those prices for the headsets were figurative because you should not be buying these for 200 dollars period, as it is the lower priced ones that are guaranteed to work.
Because they are cheaper they lack the fancy gadgets for flying that normally are stock like wireless receivers and transmitters, these would be useless to gaming and would only add more zeros to the price tag. The lack of wireless technology means the input, output media is simplistic, either RCA, HDMI, AV...etc and not radio.
When combined with an adapter for whichever output you require, you will be able to project your computer screen into the headset.
You won't have to worry about the game not cooperating with VSF because it will think it is the monitor. Even better, your computer is left stress-free as the HDMI does all the work rather than your processor. KEYNOTE: Please get HDMI if you are interested, you are only making things harder for yourself going another route and I cannot guarantee it will work.
I talk about the Quanum because it's the best deal, its HDMI and its the easiest to acquire for what you want. (Hint: Amazon.com.) Also, the KIT version is easy and customizable.
I call this device a supplement because the device itself is technically not VR, it is a computer screen that is on your face and does not respond to your movements. However, for a game that is 20 dollars, 50 dollars is a fair price when most of us have bought joysticks in the same range.
And hey, maybe someday when VR does become a "Virtual Reality" pun intended, on VSF, you will have already gotten a taste of it for a fraction of the price that you can still use on other devices. Maybe play some Alien Isolation?
That's my 20 cents, let's see what you guys have to say about it.

P.S. Using the headset on Alien Isolation will most likely kill you.
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