The New and Modified Forum Guidelines and Rules

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The New and Modified Forum Guidelines and Rules

Postby Andrew » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:59 pm

The New and Modified Forum Guidelines and Rules

These are the official rules and guidelines every member needs to follow after joining this site. These rules have been changed or modified from Charlotte's post of the original guidelines that were posted in 2009 and are currently up to date.

Please remember that the following guidelines apply to private messages as well as forum posts. The following guidelines are subject to change at any given time. In addition to these guidelines, normal Netiquette also applies.

  • Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Please READ the forum description before posting.Discussions that are unrelated to resolving the issue at hand, are repetitive or campaigning, or abuse any company or product may be edited or removed.

  • I have discussed the swearing issue with Ilan. We are going to be a tad bit more leniant on use of language. Everyone has a right to say what they want, however we are going by the rule of "If you dont say it to your mother, don't say it on here." So use of mild language of going to be allowed, but carefully watched. Higly offensive words such as F*** and others are NOT going to be tolerated. Posts with highly offensive words are subject to be edited and changed

  • No posts related to hacking, cracking or pirating of software allowed.

  • If a post related to politics, religion, and/or sexual orientation is made, it should only appear in the Open Topic section of this forum. If such a post is made, it should be made in a respectful tone and manner and should be respected by other members of this forum, even if we do not necessarily agree with what they are saying

  • Attached and inline pictures can be up to 800 pixels wide (this is for practical reasons to accommodate a screen width of 1280 pixels).

  • Advertising is not allowed. (except for addons made for Virtual Sailor, Micro Flight or Vehicle Simulator)
  • Effective as of 3/15/2012- If anyone feel they are being bullied by either another member of this forum, or by one of the staff, let a moderator or an administrator know as soon as possible.
  • Users must not take on the role of a Moderator and attemt to enforce forum guidelines. If a user discovers posts that require a Moderator's attention they should use the "Report" feature found in each post and explain the issue.

To make the forum as user friendly and effective as possible it is a good idea to always keep the following in mind.
  • The main language on this forum is English. If you do not speak English, please do the best you can and make one post in your best English, followed by your own language. If this is not helpful either, please use a translator.
  • Please refrain from digging up old topics. Topics that have not been active for a couple of months don't need to be brought to the surface with comments like "Nice work!" If an old topic is to be brought up, please let it be for an important reason.
  • Hotlinking of images or files (i.e. stealing bandwidth) should be avoided and is only permitted if from a website/storage area that has specifically given permission to do so (which obviously applies to user's own websites.)

Final Note:
The Quality Simulations Forum moderators reserve the right to edit, move, lock or delete any message we deem inappropriate or disruptive to the forum and ban any user pending an investigation and decision by the moderation and administration teams.

Thank you all for your understanding, if we all stay within these guidelines the forum will be great fun and source of support for all VS/MF/VSF users out there.
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