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Open Topic

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:51 am
by Andrew
Noticed how Open Topic is now almost totaly cleaned out? :) I surely do and it was abotu time to get rid of what i call the "dead end topics" Ones that were bits and fragments of big topics that no longer exist on this board, ones that were old and un responded to and ones that had conflicts with the old rules. They are now all gone. :D

Now, why would he do this? Why is he happy about that? Well lemme explain that.

The reason why i did this is because Open Topic is now COMPLETELY 100% OPEN. Here you can be a professional or personal as you wish. You can talk about...well...almost anything really (as long as no fights break out inside here, you are good :) ) I am dead serious on this as no one is going to judge you or harass you about what you say inside of this topic. You can talk about how your day went at your job...a new car you just got perhaps...outside hobbies (other than playing these sims.) anything you want, as long as the forum guidelines and rules are applied!

Enjoy the new Open Topic! :D