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Intellectual Rights and copyright protection

PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:04 am
by ilan
Dear All,

Recently there have been some duscussions about the issue of re using models made
by others and re uploading them in defferent names.

These are our guidelines about this issue, these guidelines should be respected by all add-on
makers for benefit of protecting your work:

1. No user is allowed to disassemble, reverse engineer or copy the work done by us or another author, this includes:

a) Use models in the form of x file, made in part of any add-on or the software itself.

b) Decode models in the form of xx files, made inside any add-ons or our software.

3) Re use textures found inside any add-on or inside the software itself.

2. Any add-on made, should contain clear copyright information detailing the origin and copyright permission of the model used.

3. If a model was based upon freely available download, a readme file should be added to is, and specify the origin
and copyright permission of this model.

4. Files without copright permission and clear origin cannot be accepted as official add-ons, and cannot be hosted on the
website or related repositories.

5. Qualilty Simulations is against any form of copyright violation, does not host work based upon inclear origins and
will remove such work from our website should it be determined as a copyright violation.

6. Any proven copyright violation should be reported to us directly, please provide link to the original and re used file
so we can trace the origin and remove the offending file.


Please report library copyright issues to Daniel at
Daniel has offered his kind help with library copright management.