Vehicle Simulator reference manual


Table of contents

About Vehicle Simulator
    Minimal requirements
    Obtaining more content
    Getting help
    Getting support

Graphic Settings
    Water Settings
    Land Settings
    Other Settings
    Vehicle Settings

Changing the weather
    The time dialog
    The advanced weather

Running for the first time
    Starting the program
    Selecting a situation

The main screen
    Controls and keys
    Using the mouse

Adding animals
   Changing the scenery
   Using the map

Changing the settings
    Video Settings
    Sound Settings
    Joystick Settings

Adding vehicles
   Towing your vehicle
   The auto pilot dialog
   The replay dialog
   The viewpoints dialog

Using the instruments
    Using the HUD
    Using the weapons
    Using the GPS
    Using the Radar
    Radio Navigation

Playing online

Scenery Design
Vehicle Design

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