About Vehicle Simulator:

Vehicle Simulator was created by Ilan Papini first version released in October 2008.

Vehicle Simulator is based upon two older programs developed by Ilan - Micro Flight and Virtual Sailor,
the first was a full fledged flight simulator and the second being a full fledged marine simulator.

During the years of their existence the power of the personal computer and 3D graphics increased so much that it became possible to combine the best of both worlds into one program containing :

Vehicle Simulator is a complete rewrite and complete conceptual redesign based upon the two programs above, resulting in a much denser scenery than before, excellent physical simulation, and scalable design allowing it to grow and contain more types of vehicles and objects.

The greatest benefit of all is offering a single platform for content development for both types of applications, allowing flight simulation to happen over the same scenery as naval simulations, and for planes to land on vehicles and more.

Vehicle Simulator includes an intuitive and simple scenery design inside the 3D environment, making it much simpler for users to create and share content than before.

The program uses fully documented formats for creating scenery, vehicles and animals, users are encouraged to get a hands on experience designing and making add-ons and to share them with others.

Advanced add-ons can be created using DLLs for instrument panels, animals and scenery objects, source code for such DLLs is given as part of the program to encourage advanced users to develop high quality content for the program.

The program is fully compatible with scenery, boats and planes made for Virtual Sailor or Micro Flight, after installing these add-ons the program imports them automatically and creates the new vehicle paramters needed for them to run.

Vehicles can be edited and created inside the program and accurate physical properties can be set for them and tested in fligth or sail, making the program an excellet tool for learing the phyisical properties of these vehicles and their design.

Documentation and tools for designing scenery, vehicles and animals can be found on the websites of Vehicle Simulator.


Minimal requirements for running Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator was designed to run on the average gaming machine specs available for 2008, however it can be adjusted to run on machines with less performance.
Vehicle Simulator is built to use DirectX9 with vertex and pixel shaders 2.0 and volumetric textures.
It is essential that your computer has a video card which is compatible with DirectX9.

Minimum Requirements

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, Intel Core 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon 2000 or better
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro or better
VRAM: 128MB of Graphics Memory
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
OS: Microsoft Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7
DirectX: DX9.0c or DX10

Obtaining more vehicles and scenery

Vehicle Simulator has several websites in which you can download more vehicles and scenery, and also get more information about creating these add-ons, these sites are the main sites and from them you can access the partner sites which offer much more content:


To install vehicles and scenery follow this procedure:

Getting information or support

Vehicle Simulator has several websites from which you can download more vehicles and scenery, and also get more information about creating these add-ons.

There is also a support forum in which you can ask questions and get answers about using the program or creating new content for it

In case you need help installing or using your program and cannot find the answers on this document or the websites above please contact support

We wish you a very enjoyable use of Vehicle Simulator and many hours of exploration and fun.

Ilan Papini    Wednesday, July 14, 2010