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Download Virtual Sailor Demo

Download a time limited demo of Virtual Sailor from:

File Size Download  
Virtual Sailor 7.0 update 15.0 MB Download
Virtual Sailor 7.0 Demo 15.0 MB Download
Def File editor ( edits buoys def files needed for scenery making ) 0.1 MB Download
Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Driver ( required to run the program ) 31 MB Download
3DEM by Richard Horne ( the best tool for making 3D terrain for the program ) 5.8 MB Download
Tile Scenery design tool - See Features 1.5 MB Download
DTM Scenery design tool - See Features 1.5 MB Download
Conv3ds converter 3ds to X file by Microsoft 400 KB Download
Matrix reader and bitmap splitter tools for scenery design 400 KB Download
Sky Colors Designer by Wayne Price 1.1 MB Download

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