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About Fire Flight

Fire Flight is a very accurate and engaging flight simulator focused upon aerial fire fighting missions, the program is built around a career of a fire fighting pilot and progresses in difficulty from mission to mission.

The goal of this game is to engage the user in fire fighting flights, and show the demanding and dangerous nature of fire fighting flights.

Fire Flight is also the first in a series of games to be developed based upon the VSF-NG game engine, which is an evolved version of Vehicle Simulator, more capable and more efficient.

This engine is capable of simulating very realistic sea and land, and all types of vehicles, flying, saling and land.

Fire Flight is also fully compatible with all scenery and vehicles developed in Vehicle Simulator, and in fact can co exist in the same directory, as Vehicle Simulator used to create and edit vehicles and scenery and Fire Flight used to fly and explore them.

See in this movie the capabilities of this new engine and the shape of things to come.

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Fire Flight news

14/08/17 Fire Flight 1.2 is fully compatible with VSF, download from Update Section

03/08/17 Version 1.2 of Fire Flight is available, download from Update Section

23/07/17 Version 1.1 of Fire Flight is available, download from Update Section

15/07/17 Version 1.0 of Fire Flight is available, download from Update Section

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